Black Metal

The black metal data set used in some of the blog posts was built after harvesting metal-archives, using this most helpful API.

It encompasses information on bands, their albums, demos and other releases, and on record labels.

Most results described in this blog use lyrics that were written in English, originally, and automatic translations of those lyrics written in other languages. The automatic translations were carried using a Java wrapper for the Microsoft Translator API and a language detector.

The lyrics data set contains 81974 lyrics, of which 26% are automatic translations. And here’s a list of the posts where we explore this data set using topic modelling, entity recognition, keyword extraction and other text mining techniques:

Frequent Words in Black Metal Lyrics – Part I

Frequent Words in Black Metal Lyrics – Part II

Usage of Specific Terms through Time

Topic Discovery in Black Metal Lyrics of French Bands

Topic Discovery in Black Metal Lyrics of all Bands

Topic and Lyrical Content Correlation

Record Labels Characterized by Lyrical Content

Middle-Earth Entity Recognition in Black Metal Lyrics

A Black Metal Vocabulary

Around the World with Satan

Lexical Diversity: Black Metal Bands vs. Pop Queens


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